Exam Tips: Only parrots will not make a topper; You will certainly be successful 2023 tips

As the board exams are approaching, all the students are getting ready. The exams and study mold literally shock the students. Students are afraid of the question of exactly how and where to start the study. Students are worried that they will not remember what they have taught during the year and will not be able to write it properly in the exam. But don’t worry now. Today we are going to give you some tips to study so that you can study while playing with laughter. You will also be able to get good marks in board exams. So let’s learn.

Exam Tips: Only parrots will not make a topper; You will certainly be successful

Strictly follow planning

Routine planning is one of the most important things in preparing for the exam. Strictly and honestly follow the rules of study you have made for yourself. There are many students who make regular plans, but do not follow them completely. This keeps the course incomplete and increases the pressure to prepare for the exam at the end of the exam. They cannot even review the course. That is why planning and its implementation is very important.

Model papers will help

Solve the model paper for exam practice. Doing this from time to time is like making your preparation more sharp. This will help to better understand the concept. You can also look at what questions are asked in the exam.

Notes need to be removed

In the early stages of exam preparation, keep making notes while studying. Mind Maps can be used to increase the understanding of the concept. The notes drawn at this time will be very useful for you while revising.

Practice writing answers

Yavello Board examinations will be offline. Therefore, students need to speed up writing to complete the exam on time. The practice of writing answers should begin as soon as preparations for board exams begin. This will help you understand how to manage the time and test pressure. This will allow the paper to be resolved and checked quickly.

7 Important Tips for Board Exam Preparation

  • Check Previous Year Question Papers- Go through the previous year question papers of the exam you are preparing for. Will help them in their studies. Time is less in your hand, so use it well to score good marks in the exam. Start by analyzing the previous year question papers as per the exam syllabus. Check how many and what type of questions have been asked from which topic before. Understand difficult, average and easy questions and topics easily. After this you concentrate on your studies.
  • Prepare priority list with time table- Make your priority list. Study accordingly. Allocate time to each chapter as per the priority list and give more time to more difficult topics. After that choose easy subjects. This will automatically fix your time management. Most important thing- Do not change your time table/study plan again and again. Set a study routine as per the priority list and follow it for better results.
  • Make learning easier with symbols You can use different symbols to make learning easier. Bullets, numbers or diagrams etc. can be used as per the requirement. The theory of memory states that symbols play a major role in remembering a subject. For example, if we spot a clown in a crowded market place, we do not forget him for a long time. We do not forget the famous faces of the film world even if we have never met them.
  • Revision is most important once you finish your syllabus, you need to focus on revision. With this we can easily know our faults and it becomes easy to remove them. This tool is very helpful and most useful in research. One who tries, success is at his door. For revision always take help of textbooks and material prepared with the help of teachers. It is advised to stay away from the guides available in the market.
  • Concentration is very important in studies, many times it is seen that students keep mobile, laptop, tablet with them while studying. This is wrong during the exam. It distracts. You can even say that they play a big role in distributing the preparation. Keep distance from them during the exam. You should take only those things which are really needed. Like notebook, syllabus, question paper, stationery etc.
  • Don’t take long break in between studies Long break in between exam preparation is fatal. Similarly, sitting for long periods of time is not productive. Experts say that after 40-45 minutes of study, a 10-minute break is necessary and sufficient. Maintaining this consistency has a positive impact on the preparation. It is important to maintain concentration.
  • Sleep well and eat well. The most important thing during the exam is to keep yourself alert. This will happen only if you are healthy. To stay healthy, at least 7 hours of sleep and digestible food are very important. Nowadays it is seen that students blackmail their parents by getting things like pizza-burger from the market in the name of exam preparation. Under normal circumstances, even parents agree if your studies are good. But it is not good for your health and memory. Light exercise helps in focused studies. There is a need to pay attention to studies.

Study Tips for Exam Preparation

Study smartly, not for long hours:

The main rule to remember as a student is that studying for long hours does not equate to studying effectively. The longer one tries to concentrate, the less information is retained as the brain craves rest and distractions. But this is what most students do when they try to prepare for exams. So should you do the same? certainly not! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend any time reading your notes. It simply means that you can achieve more in less time.

Pay attention to the note-taking method you are using.

If you feel that your notes are not convenient to navigate then change it. Make a schedule for each day that includes the hours you dedicate to study. Hang on Although many students know that taking notes is essential, not all of them really pay attention to the method they are using. However, if you want to be successful in your studies, you must first work on it. There are several methods of note taking that you should try.
For example, you might try the boxing method and find that it is quite convenient for classes that are divided into sections. Also, the mapping method is great for lectures that contain a lot of structured information and also helps if you are a visual learner. Try the Cornell Method, as it is effective for a variety of lectures and classes. Once you have your notes handy, you’ll be able to navigate through them easier and retain the information better. Also make a schedule because a proper schedule is an important part of any student’s study routine. It is important to be able to devote enough time to doing your homework and to be disciplined when it comes to procrastination.
There is also a method called the Pomodoro Technique which every student should try. It is basically a time management method which means working in short but intense intervals alternately with breaks. For example, you can study for 30 minutes straight and then take a short break of five to ten minutes. Set a timer so that you stick to the schedule and take long breaks (about 20 minutes) every 3-4 intervals.

Take a break. Even the sharpest mind needs a break. Rest is key to staying focused and organized. Take short breaks every 40-50 minutes of study and spend them on snacking, listening to music etc. You will definitely notice the difference, as it will be easier for you to get back to studying.


Many students think they are productive enough, while they do not take into account that they spend most of their time studying and doing their homework, they are procrastinating. Scrolling through social media or messaging your friends is not the way to prepare for exams. You can do this later.

Have a comfortable place to study:

Having a desk with a comfortable chair is not always possible. But you may still have room to do your homework. Keep this space clean and you will find that your mind becomes much sharper. But why is it important to keep our place clean? Some studies tell us that cluttered and cluttered spaces affect our concentration, mood, and productivity. So, simply clearing your desk of unnecessary stuff can give a boost to your study routine. In addition, your brain is constantly making associations with the setting around you. If you have a specific time and place to study, your brain will get used to it, and study sessions will be much easier to handle.

Set goals:

You will definitely need motivation to study, so focus on the goals you are trying to achieve. Break them down into short term and long term goals and break them down into even smaller tasks that you can accomplish each day. When you have clear goals and tasks, it’s easier to keep track of your progress and your achievements. When you complete some other task you can give yourself some gift or something which makes you happy every time.
It is also important to set your priorities and stick to them while preparing for the finals. Prioritize your studies and plan your study sessions first. We know it’s hard, but it really works for most students.

Avoid muti-tasking during preparation:

Multitasking is not effective when it comes to studies. Since there is a lot of information that your brain needs to retain, try not to mix it up, or your studying will not be productive. So, finish the first topic or section and then start the second one.

Stay motivated and remember that you are unique

Attitude and mindset play a vital role in successful and easy study. Don’t underestimate yourself. Remind yourself that you have the right study skills and you can accomplish anything. You should always be your own biggest supporter. Remember, no negative thinking. If you want to pass your exam, thoughts like ‘I’ll never do it,’ ‘I can’t do it anymore,’ ‘I’m a complete failure, I’ll definitely fail this’ are not acceptable.

On a closing note, productivity requires willpower and motivation to be commensurate with the amount of effort you put in. You must limit or eliminate counterproductive habits while implementing new habits that help productivity and keep you motivated. Helping you achieve your set goals. After all, a dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to make your goals come true.

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