How to get instant loan without much effort? 2023

The emergence of fintech has given a big boost to financial inclusion in the country. Powered by advanced technology and a seamless digital experience, financial services can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere using only a smartphone.

One of the products that is gaining popularity among the people is the fully digital personal loan. More than 70 percent of formal credit provided by banks in India goes to less than 10 percent of the richest Indians. The average middle class, especially those earning less than Rs 5 lakh a year, are the most deprived.

They either do not qualify for loans from banks due to stringent credit score and income requirements, or the tedious process involves a long list of documents and paperwork, making getting credit on time a distant dream Is. For emergency situations, this is extremely frustrating.

This is where fintech companies step in and enable people to access loans with a completely digital process, offering almost instant disbursal! Users can avail loans by simply downloading the loan app on their smartphones instead of going from door to door or approaching bank agents. With technology, various processes like credit-appraisal, document verification, repayment (auto-debit setup) have made online loans easier and faster. Fintech has also opened doors for other financial services ranging from banking, investment, insurance and post-payment solutions.

Let us see how digital loans save time and effort:

loan amount flexibility

Personal loan requirement varies among people applying for online loans. Thus, the digital platform enables people to borrow an amount as small as Rs 5,000, which can go up to Rs 5 lakh depending on their need and eligibility.

Expedited Eligibility Check

Checking eligibility for the loan is extremely easy on the digital platform. Machine learning and risk-assessment models make it possible to find out whether you are eligible for a loan in just two minutes using just one app.

Ease of Documentation and Verification- Today, documents can be verified online in seconds through various available means like CKYC, DigiLocker. The emergence of API-based solutions enables real-time photo/income verification, which significantly reduces approval time.

immediate disbursement

Unlike the traditional method of getting a loan, which took weeks of paperwork and multiple visits to the bank, online loans are approved, and disbursed almost instantly, within minutes if your documents are in proper order.

Fully Customized Repayment

While traditional banks have limits on tenure and ticket size, fintech firms offer greater flexibility in terms of choosing the right repayment plans ranging from a few months to 60 months. This helps in ensuring credit affordability for the users without any additional financial burden.

graduate-based approach

Often people with no or little credit history are denied access to loans/other credit products. However, fintechs do not discriminate against them. A user can get one credit product (small size: 5K-10K). As the user maintains a good repayment behaviour, not only does their credit score improve but they may also get approved for better offers or new products in the future.

The affordable monthly installment (EMI) of the series will be determined by the interest rate on your credit facility after you have applied for the personal loan. So let’s take a look at what you should learn about the variables affecting personal loan interest rates in 2022.

income grade

It is the most important factor that determines the interest rate on one’s loan. If a borrower earns more money, the chances of defaulting on EMI payments are less. Hence, the higher your earning, the more likely you are to get a personal loan at a favorable interest rate. However, this would be based on the potential risks identified by a lender. For the borrower, a history of consistent revenue indicates economic security.


Banks look at your work records and income, including your job and if you are employed by a privately owned business, a publicly traded company, or by yourself. Banks will also see whether you work as a regular, part-time or freelancer.

The loan application is generally provided at an attractive interest rate if a reputed company employs you, you have entered several decades of employment, and your employment security is clear. Accordingly, you can be given a personal loan if you are in good financial standing and a well-qualified self-employed specialist such as a doctor, lawyer, tax accountant, consultancy architect, designer, business consultant, etc. low interest rates.

cibil or credit score

The single most important factor that determines your reputation is your CIBIL score. Banks inquire about your CIBIL score before finalizing your loan terms. All the details about your past credit behavior are included in your payment history and CIBIL score. If your credit score is satisfactory, the lenders will consider you a reliable consumer and can deduct the interest rate on the personal loan. Hence, you should increase your CIBIL score and maintain it.

Loan Foreclosure and Your Payment

Your credit score is affected by poor loan repayment history or missing loan obligations. A poor score results in a higher personal interest rate for the loan or rejection. Hence, you must maintain a solid repayment record without any defaults. To know more, you can refer to Best Personal Loan App.

current loan

The lender considers your current obligations while determining the final personal loan interest rate. A lender may consider your profile as risky if you have substantial outstanding loans. This will affect your chances of getting a favorable interest rate. On the contrary, you want to get a good interest rate if you have some liabilities.

your credit timeline

A lender often assesses your CIBIL score before approving a personal loan. Credit rating agencies assign a three-digit numerical rank to people, according to their history of credit payback. A high credit score shows that you can handle debt responsibly and make payments on time.

State of the economy and other economic factors

The cost of personal loans is affected by a number of factors including unemployment, economy, repo rates and others. Lenders charge higher lending rates for personal loans during inflation than during a crisis. Reduced interest rates are also a result of lower repo rates. Since this is the ratio at which banks borrow money from RBI, it directly affects the loan rates for personal loans that are offered to you. Even if you do not avail them, you can try to take advantage of them by availing loans from the best personal loan apps when the interest rates are low.

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