Mokshada Ekadashi: Nirvana Ekadashi.. Fasting and worshiping Vishnu is a blessing..

Mokshada Ekadashi: The Shukla side of the Margarasite month is celebrated as a nirvana kayadashi. On this day Vishnu is worshiped and fasted. Fasting on the Ekkadashi of Nirvada frees us from all sin and receives salvation. This is why it is called Nirvana Ekadashi.

Mokshada Ekadashi: Nirvana Ekadashi.. Fasting and worshiping Vishnu is a blessing..

Mokshada Ekadashi: Shukla’s side of the Margashira month is Ekadashi Nirvana EkadashiCelebrated as (Mokshada Ekadashi ). Today Vishnu and Lakshmedevi are worshiped. Nirvada Ekadashi SrimahavishnuFasting is also performed for (Vishnu ), through which devotees are freed from all sin and attain salvation. This is why it is called Nirvana Ekadashi. According to astrology, devotees also enjoy, prosper, and prosperity by doing some special action on the day of salvation. This year comes the Saturday of December 3, 2022. Celebrate December 3 or December 4? Although many are confused, we are telling you a few special actions, a convenient time for its exact date puja.

Nirvana Ekadashi.. Nirvana Ekadashi Date and Ashabha Time This year, December 3, 2022, will be celebrated tomorrow. It starts at 05.39am on Saturday and ends at 05.34am on Sunday the next day. Nirvada Ekadashi Vratam is celebrated on December 03. Its parade is Sunday, December 04th. Devotees can practice the writing from 07:05 am to 09:09 am.

It is believed that Lord Krishna gave Geeta knowledge to Arjuna on this date in the Kurukshetra of the Mahabharata, which is why Geeta Jayanti is celebrated today. Along with this is the formation of a yogam named Ravi. Because of this, the importance of today is growing. Worship in this yoga fulfills all the desires of the devotees.

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Waking up at dawn on the day of salvation and bathing. After this, clean the house temple. In front of a picture or statue of Vishnumurthy with four hands in the temple, light the dam, and then fast. Anointing Vishnumurti with Panchamruta. Decorate them with flowers. After this, worship according to the rules and regulations.

Add roli, sandal, incense, vermilion, basil leaves and flowers in puja. Submit sweets and fruits to Srimahavishnu. Listen to the story after this. It is best to recite the Vishnu Sahasranam after hearing the story of Ekadashi. After this, manage Vishnu’s dryness. Chant the Vishnu Beez mantra. Keep the fruit fast all day and stay awake at night. After worshiping the next day, fast and donate.

Please. Light the ghee lamp in front of the basil plant on the evening of the day of salvation. Along with this, chanting Om Vasudevaya Namah mantra and circling 11 basil plant. Do not submit water to the basil plant on the day of ekadashi, as basil mat is an anaerobic fasting today. Submit the yellow ball flowers while worshiping Vishnu on the Nirvada Ekadashi. If the flowers are not available, the yellow flowers are not available

Mother Lakshmi is blessed with Vishnu..

Mother Lakshmi, along with Srimahavishnu, also lives in the Ravi tree. So submit water to Ravichet on the day of Ekadashi. In doing so, Sri Hari will soon be delighted. For Dhanalabham, take the clean Tamalapaku on the Nirvada Ekadashi and write ‘Sri’ with the saffron and present this Tamalapaku at the feet of Mahavishnu. Put the money in the place the next day. Doing so will cause you financial difficulties.There is no need to deal with it. Planting basil at home today is also considered auspicious. If you are planning to plant basil in your house, Nirvana Ekadashi is the best day for this.(Disclaimer: This article is about people’s beliefs, Information on the Internet is given only. News18 This has not been confirmed. There is no evidence. )

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