Pan Card Postal Address

PAN is a Permanent Account number which is an extremely important document for running a transparent Indian Financial system. It is considered as a proof of identification that who all are participating in the monetary activities happening across the country. Now the good thing is that everything can be easily managed online.

Concept of Postal address for PAN

If you recently shifted to a new residential location, one must take care to change the postal address by updating the same in the PAN.

How to change your PAN card postal address?

You can change the PAN card postal address by filling the PAN Change request form which is available on the website of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL).

Procedure for making Online Alteration request in PAN Data

If you wish to make any form of changes in PAN Card Data, for that you need to follow a proper procedure that is mentioned below:

  • Candidates can fill the online application form by accessing the NSDL website.
  • If the applicant makes a submission of the form, but there are mistakes presented on your application,  a screen will flash errors. In that case, candidates being offered to correct the errors and resubmitting the form again.
  • If you want to make changes in any of the data that is being already filled in your records. Then you get the option of editing the details.
  • If you want  certain information to be changed in your PAN such as a residential address; simple fill the PAN application form and add the new address.
  • After performing these steps,  the new postal address would be updated in the Income Tax Department database accurately.
  • In case you have mentioned Aadhar as your address proof, then also required to provide details of Aadhar number in the concerned PAN application form.

What are the charges associated with the Change in Postal Address?

There is a certain amount that applicant needs to pay for making changes in the PAN card postal address. The fee for changes in PAN card postal address is levied based on various factors:

  • If the postal address of the candidate falls within India, there is a need to pay a fee of Rs 107 which includes GST.  The application will only be processed after the applicant makes a successful payment. Candidate can make payment using any mode such as debit card, credit card, Net banking or by Demand draft.
  • If your postal address is outside from India, in that case, charges for change in PAN Card postal address is INR 1017. As per the present status, PAN Card is only being sent to 105 countries. Payment mode for this case is Credit card, Debit card,and Net Banking. If you wish to make payment by using the demand draft, then it would be payable at Mumbai and it should be in favor of ‘NSDL PAN’.
  • Payment of Credit card, Debit card and Net Banking can be processed by any which includes parent, spouse, self, children or Karta from Hindu undivided family, Company Director, limited accountability partnership or partner from a partnership firm. Apart from that, payment can also be made from any authorized signatory belongs from an Association or Trusts.
  • If you are planning to make a payment from Net Banking, then it will also include an extra surcharge of INR 4.00 in the form of GST. It is being levied for accessing the payment gateway service.
  • After the payment is being done successfully, an acknowledgment will be given to applicant which he or she must keep for records as well as for making future reference.

Application and Payment Acknowledgment

As soon as payment is made for making modifications in PAN Card postal address, you will be allotted an acknowledgment slip. This document includes the following details that are:

  • Applicant’s name
  • 15-digit acknowledge]ment number
  • PAN Card number
  • Father’s name
  • Date of Birth
  • Communication address
  • Aadhar number
  • Address proof information
  • Proof of an identity

The applicant can also send the acknowledgment slip received regarding the change of PAN Card postal address to the postal address of NSDL which is situated in Pune.

If in case you are making payment via demand draft, then it should also be delivered to the postal address of Pune.

Make sure that your acknowledgment document, identity proof, etc should reach the NSDL office within the 15 days after the online application has been filled.

Where to resolve your query related to the Post address modification process?

If  the applicant holds any doubts or queries related to the Postal address, then he or she is free to contact PAN customer care service.  There are trained customer care executives who will address the queries and doubts smartly and effectively.

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